Instill a responsible attitude about
money at a young age

MoneyBright Kids is the best way for kids to learn the important concepts of personal finance and money management! MoneyBright Kids was developed a Harvard Business School graduate and financial professional who set out to create an exceptional series that instills a responsible attitude about money at a young age! Each exciting animated film features a group of five friends who discover an amazing MONEY MA$TER app on their phones, and use it to learn all about the complicated world of personal finance—from earning and spending money, to saving, investing and even donating!

Learning how to make
smart money decisions

As children watch our fun and fascinating videos, they'll learn how to make smart money decisions, set savings goals and use money responsibly and wisely in their daily lives. And when children get their hands on our MoneyBright learning guides, they'll gain important experience working with money, as they learn to budget, set savings goals, track their spending and so much more!



Fun for kids of all ages!


Try our award-winning DVD series!

Start with our DVD, “Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees”. Then, about once a month, you’ll receive a new DVD following the adventures of the MoneyBright Kids as they learn how to earn, save, invest, donate, and spend wisely! Plus, each DVD comes with streaming access to the corresponding video lesson and digital workbook!

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